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  • Update on Travian Inactive Search

    The Prior Travian Inactive Search which is launched in here has some bugs, that now already fixed. The major bug is on the algorithm to search the inactive, where the results missed some inactive players. We manage it and update the Travian Inactive Search. We are still working in progress to add more features for that […]

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  • New Feature: Travian Inactive Search

    New feature has been added to this Travian webtools (website tools) : Travian Inactive Player Search. Yes, by its name you can figure it out that the new feature is for searching inactive Travian players around a coordinate (x,y). Input the coordinate (x and y coordinate) as the center of your searching. You can add […]

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  • Travian Tournament Server

    iTravTools.com now support new server : Travian Tournament Server. Currently we are providing 2 Travian Tournament Server : TRAVIAN INTERNATIONAL : tx2.travian.com Asia Pasific : ts65.travian.com Along with this post published, the tournament server opened is qualification Tournament 2014 : For more details about the Travian Tournament you can read from these references : Forum […]

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