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Welcome to International Travian Tools (I-TravTools) Website.

This is a Travian fan site website.
This website is unofficial of Travian Games itself,

We develop this website to help Travian Players to play the Travian Game with more efficient and effective way, by providing informations and statistics. So we name this website as Travian Tools. We also create Travian Signature for your statistic daily.
    We currently provide :

  • some variations of Travian Statistics like general statistic like ingame statistic, top player of each quadrant statistics and top alliance of each quadrant statistics.
  • Travian Signature with daily auto update statistics of it, enrich with your Hero image in the image signature.
  • Some searching tools, to search your neighbours, friend or foe alliances, Tribes, Gray Zone, etc.

All our tools are based on official Travian Game data extracted from the map files provided by the Travian Games itself.

If your country or Travian Game server is not available please send us an email and we will do our best to provide it.

The Travian Game data of the following servers is automatically updated everyday :
(to see the complete list and the update time, visit here : Travian List Server

(.CO.ID) Indonesian Server
ts1.travian.co.id ts2.travian.co.id ts3.travian.co.id ts4.travian.co.id
ts5.travian.co.id tc6.travian.co.id tc7.travian.co.id ts7.travian.co.id
ts8.travian.co.id tx3.travian.co.id
(.COM) International Server
ts1.travian.com ts2.travian.com tc3.travian.com ts4.travian.com
ts5.travian.com ts6.travian.com ts7.travian.com ts8.travian.com
(.COM) International Tournament Server
tx2.travian.com ty2.travian.com finals.travian.com
(.UK) United Kingdom Server
ts1.travian.co.uk ts2.travian.co.uk ts3.travian.co.uk ts4.travian.co.uk
ts5.travian.co.uk ts6.travian.co.uk ts7.travian.co.uk tx3.travian.co.uk
(.CL) Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador and other Easter Island Server
ts1.travian.cl tc2.travian.cl ts3.travian.cl ts4.travian.cl
ts6.travian.cl ts8.travian.cl ts9.travian.cl
tcx3.travian.cl tx3.travian.cl
(.COM.AU) Australia & New Zealand Server
ts1.travian.com.au ts2.travian.com.au ts3.travian.com.au ts4.travian.com.au
ts5.travian.com.au tx3.travian.com.au

All the texts found on this site are the property of their authors, the images and other objects are properties of the designers of the “Travian Games”


Thanks for your visit and have fun.



itravtools admin

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