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New Feature: Travian Inactive Search

New feature has been added to this Travian webtools (website tools) : Travian Inactive Player Search. Yes, by its name you can figure it out that the new feature is for searching inactive Travian players around a coordinate (x,y).

Input the coordinate (x and y coordinate) as the center of your searching. You can add more filter to the search like :

  • Limit the search for certain Travian tribe(s)
  • Limit the search for player containing name (containing text)
  • Limit the search for certain alliance or containing alliance(s)
  • Limit the search for certain population of the resulting village
  • Limit the search for some distance from the coordinate searched (x,y).

We are still developing this to add more details in the future. But for now, you can use it here.

iTravTools Feature: Travian Analyser

We just add new feature on this website to give more comprehensive tools for you to play your Travian. We now provide some analyser tools. As part one of them, we present : Travian Profile analyser. With Travian Profile Analyser, you can read more advance info such as player and village population growth, allilance change history, village list history of a player, etc.

You can use the tools here : Travian Profile Analyser. We also provide the player hero’s current image, so you can know what items that your search player is wearing at that time without login your Travian game.

Although there are many similar tools on the internet, we confident that what we provide is different, unique and can enrich your to your played Travian server. For example, other similar tools of analyzer works from uid input. UID (User ID) is the auto generated number that explain your Travian Ingame ID. You can find the uid from your Ingame Profile (http://[world], for example Or just click on top right menu, the second menu with sort of person image. After that, click the “overview” tab, and you will see something like this : in your browser address bar. The red bolded text is the uid.

Our analzer works from both input :

  1. UID
  2. Ingame Player Name

If you want to use our analzer using uid, just type the desired uid in the address bar, and when you want to search base on name, just type your search player name into the input name.

We will add more analyzer tools in the future, so stay tune to this website to get updated.

For more details about Travian Profile History/Analyzer, we will post in the next post.

And now, just try this tools : Travian History Profil.