Travian General Search

*Daily updated (twice a day) from file map.sql provided by Travian server itself
Server :
Player : (example: player1,player2,player3)
Alliance : (example: ally1,ally2,ally3)
Village :
Village Count :
Village Population :
Tribe :
Close to coordinate : x :   y :
Exclude Player : (example: player1,player2,player3)
Exclude Alliance : (example: ally1,ally2,ally3)
Minimum Distance :
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Additional feature is : Bookmark the result of the search.

You can now share the result of the search with other Travian players by copy paste the bookmark code (url) resulted by pressing the bookmark button after the search process resulting some records to be displayed.


Here is the brief steps for bookmarking the result and share the code with other Travian player :

1. Search like used to be, then press the “Process” button

2. If the search returning some rows of data, you will see the “Get Bookmark Code” button, press it.

3. You will see the bookmark code (URL address) below of the bookmark button. Copy the code completely and paste it into new window then go browsing/surfing that url code.

4. You will see the same result like you get in this search page.

5. Share that bookmark code (url code) with your friends to show what are you search for.

to search another one, back to this page again and do the same step like above.

The final version will be released soon with better features (filters). So stay tune to this website.