Travian Tournament Server now support new server : Travian Tournament Server.

Currently we are providing 2 Travian Tournament Server :

  2. Asia Pasific :

Along with this post published, the tournament server opened is qualification Tournament 2014 :

Travian Tournement Logo 2014

For more details about the Travian Tournament you can read from these references :

  • Forum Travian.Com :
  • Forum Travian.Ru :

The map.sql data of the travian tournament server is not provided yet during this post, so please check again to this website later or tomorrow.

To accomodate this tournament server, we do make some changes into our webtools. In the option to choose server, we make a new group : Tournament like shown on this picture :


You can find this changes in some tools pages :

Visit us again to get updated with new features and news around Travian world.

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